Factory Petit

Factory Petit. ECCO leather. MINUTIAE leather bags. raw materials.

An industrial area of Sydney;
surrounded by endless rows of derelict,
lifeless grey buildings. 

A setting you would not imagine would ever 
house some of the most creative individuals 
of the leather industry. 
Once you pass through the very average roller door,
you are transported into a miniature factory,
the likes every child imagines Santa's would be.

This is the true essence of leather,
and MINUTIAE was lucky enough to attend this exclusive
event in Sydney, earlier this year.

Factory Petit. Minutiae leather bag and Ecco leather.

ECCO leather,
one of the world's most innovative leather companies
hosted this magnificent event, 
bringing their design, leather, 
and manufacturing teams,
turning a humble warehouse into a 
world class fashion facility. 

The Details: All about leather. Personalised, customised leather bags and accessories. Minutiae Leather bags and accessories.

Take a look behind the scenes,
into what it takes to truly build a masterpiece, 
and the essence of family that 
is engrained into both
ECCO leather and MINUTIAE.

ECCO Kromatafor leather. MINUTIAE the small precise details. Minutiae leather bags.
A glimpse into the innovative leathers,
but you will have to wait a bit longer to
find out more about these. 
Behind the scenes. Factory Petit. MINUTIAE leather bags. The small precise details. Ecco leather.
Timeless elegance, 
minimal perfection,
this is what is achieved by a team
that have an utmost passion.
The manufacturing team of ECCO leather
are artisans with leather, effortlessly 
moulding a lifeless hide,
into a magnificent piece of art.

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