The formula to dressing well

MINUTIAE: Where clothes are timeless, and the small precise details are what make one unique.

Some of our fondest outfits comprise of that leather jacket passed down from our parents' rebellious days (some tailoring to remove the shoulder pads), mixed with little details of today's trends; or those go-to skinny jeans and hand crafted Italian leather boots.

Dressing well begins with constructing a canvas.

This personifies the broad aspects of your style, however, the small precise details are what make you unique. An outfit should span across the categories covered in this blog post, incorporating each to produce that "effortless" style.


MINUTIAE DETAIL:  Incorporate 20% details

This is where we get excited.

This recent post featured on Vogue caught our eye, as it embodies the essence of MINUTIAE; small precise details that makes one unique. Timeless designs intertwined with details of modern trends.

These details that will project an insight into your style.

Details are the fingerprints of each individuals style, whether its the combination of certain colours or the use of hardware to accentuate the softness of leather; Minutiae believes that these small details are the key aspect to every outfit, which without, we run the risk of being nothing more than a facade.

DETAIL 2: 20% balance and proportion

It may seem weird that begin with balance before touching on individual aspects of an outfit,
but we promise there is method to this madness.
Balance and proportion are the key aspects that can take an outfit from a horrendous collage of labels and colours, to a runway inspired masterpiece.

You are, after all, the artist, your body is the canvas,

and the clothes and accessories are nothing more than your preferred palate of colours, textures, and designs.
Balance is taking opposing forces and fusing them into a journey for the senses; fabrics of soft and structured textures, a voluminous piece combined with a slim and streamlined one, or seasonal pieces anchored by wardrobe staples.

Balance gives harmony to the senses,

allowing us to appreciate both aspects equally alone and together, due to the severe contrasts, but complimentary natures.  

DETAIL 3: 25% the wardrobe staple

The wardrobe stable should be 25% of the outfit.

Eye catching on its own?

No, but without the outfit doesn't have that solid base to join all aspects. 

DETAIL 4: 25% a seasonal or statement piece

The staple must then be complemented with just as much seasonal or statement piece/s.
Michelle Lau put it quite eloquently:
"The trick here is not to overdo it. Pick one (or two at most!) head-turning pieces and let them shine."

DETAIL 5: 10% a time and place for everything

 We all know a person who over dresses for occasions,
wearing a casual suit to a burger bar.
Time and place is about taking those striking, head turning pieces and

dressing them to fit the situation, translating that into effortless, everyday dressing.

It's being able to grasp the attention of a room, not only for the outfit, but for the perceived ease with which these pieces "fell" into place. 
Article adapted by MINUTIAE from Michelle Lau's, A Minute Away From Snowing. 

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