First Impressions

First coined 400 years ago by Erasmus,
a Catholic priest, theologian, and social critic;
it is found in the writings of Shakespeare,
to the basis for Hollywood productions.
You may argue that this is a closed minded opinion.
MINUTIAE believes that first impressions,

though they may not define us,
are an influencing factor in human interaction.

This is merely an appetiser of the
small precise details,
(call it your fashion check list)
for constructing that timeless look. 


The quality of one's garment gives an air of
sartorial refinement.

When we speak quality, we mean the construct, not the brand.
(We've all cringed at those individuals who cram as many
labels into an outfit as possible)

To obtain a sartorial quality, make sure an item
feels as good as it looks.


This follows on from the quality, and
delves into the small details of the garments.

If you want really turn heads,
rather focus on the finishes of your garments
than accentuate or flood the outfit. 

At MINUTIAE these are the non-negotiable points:

  • Hems: even and neat.
  • Pants: tailored to your length, from suits to jeans.
  • Sleeves: on or above the "wrist bone".
  • Stitching: evenly spaced, and straight.

 Then there are the small precise details of each individual piece.
(We won't go into that much detail)


 In a world of fast fashion, individuality is a rarity,
with replica garments being released within days
of a designer's show.

This is both a blessing and a curse. 
It allows us to explore the trends,
previously reserved for the elite of society.
However, in doing so, we lose our ability to project our individuality. 

MINUTIAE: the small precise details that make one unique;
it is not coincidental manifestation of a brand,
but an outward expression of the brands core beliefs.

Accessories are the perfect way to make a powerful statement without being portrayed as a pompous...

A unique time piece, to limited leather bags and accessories.
Focus on these accessories, and your true individuality will shine through.


This is a crucial point and therefore we dedicated an entire blog to it:

"The formula to dressing well."

(Don't worry, you won't be required to memorise theorems)

Simply, it is the perfect way of putting together an outfit,
once you have selected each garment.


This is the final key ingredient.

Without your perspectives, and unique quirks
fashion would be simple reproduction of dictated designs.

MINUTIAE revels in your individuality,
and look forward to sharing your wildest fashion creations.

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