TRAVEL: Australia, Melbourne 1

MINUTIAE of Melbourne. City skyline provides a backdrop for the Yarra river. Minutiae: the small precise details that make one unique. Luxury leather bags and accessories.
MINUTIAE draws on its European heritage, 
Melbourne is the epicentre of what we love about Australia. 

It's a perfectly symbiotic marrying of cultures,
where the best aspects of Asian cultures,
meet those of European cultures.
A city where you can be exploring colonial architecture,
only to find a quirky pop-up design store inside.
It's the closest Australia has to a city that never sleeps;
with a vibrant fashion, arts, and food culture. 
In this series of posts we will cover our brief encounter with Melbourne.
With posts dedicated to food, culture, and fashion.
We look forward to bringing you more about
the places our journey takes us, 
so please write in and let us know about 
recommendations or things you would like to know more about. 

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  • Hey guys, just wondering when we will be getting the blog about your trip to Melbourne? I like this paragraph but it’s too brief I’d love to hear more about the food, culture and of course… The leather!!!! :)

    • Becky