Thom Browne: A Moment in Time.

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In a time of excessive self indulgence, 
Thom Browne forces us to face the harsh reality 
that such opulence can quickly dissipate.

It shows the effects of the depression, 
on a group of friends. 
Difficult times have taken a toll 
on these children of privilege. 

The clothes they wore as children,
have had to sustain them through the downturn, 
worn to the point of being threadbare. 

in our opinion,
this was not a solemn affair. 

It returns us to the times
where people invested in a selection
of perfectly made, timeless items,
and wearing them for years to come.

“I love seeing people invest in beautifully made clothes,
and then really wear them.”
Thom Browne.

A key component of Browne's collection is that,
time is fashion’s enemy

Every outfit was presented brand new,
lightly worn, and worn out;
ensuring timeless masculinity,
is maintained throughout,
even as the articles become more threadbare.

Is there a political subtext to the collection?
Is this the fate of the ultra rich? 

We won't speculate on these matters, 
but rather let you make your own 
mind on the meanings behind,

"A Moment in Time: Thom Browne" 

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