What defines a person; their career or passions?

MINUTIAE: The details in our life we often overlook.

In a world where we are taught to strive for fame and financial success, often our true passions cinder down to nothing more than an ember; a memory of the person we hoped to be, to taunt us at those obscure hours of the night.

MINUTIAE was founded by reigniting such an ember.
We were following our elected career paths, anxious to please those who could dictate our ascension up the corporate ladders. From a lucrative financial firm, to research in the pharmaceutical industry, career without passion  was nothing but a means to find ourselves. Therefore we left the safety of certainty, to pursue a path built on the foundations of our passions.

Now, don't get me wrong, these corporate entities are crucial to the progress of our society, and if these career paths are also your passions, aim for the sky, and we look forward to revel in your success with you.

However, if like us, you find yourself yearning for a change, making plans to one day just quit and follow a distant dream of joining a traveling circus, I hope this article gives you an inkling of motivation to do so.


Careers should be a means to nurture our passions, and in the purest form, should be an embodiment of these passions. For, when your career is driven by these passions, work is anything but, and the constraints of a "9-5" become a mere memory.

So, I urge you, allow your passions to drive your life, and build your career around them.
It took us countless degrees and careers to realise this.

MINUTIAE is an embodiment of our passions, our beliefs, our dreams, and our aspirations.
By joining the two, you find freedom unobtainable through a career driven by wealth and success.

Passions give meaning to life, so let yours shine through.


What are passions?
To MINUTIAE, they are the small precise details in our lives that make us unique.

They motivate us to get up each day, to push ourselves to improve, and drive our desire to succeed and progress in our career path.

Passions are the reasons we do anything, whether we know it or not.
Have you ever revisited your childhood, looking over stories you may have written in your early years of what you wanted to be when you grew up.

This is passion in its rawest form, through the unedited, untainted, "illogical" mind of a child.
Children are driven on their passions, and we as adults teach them restraint. Yes this is good as a general guideline, but these constraints should be simple guidelines, allowing the child to nurture this passion of theirs. 

I myself, wanted to be Ironman and a jedi.


MINUTIAE was built on the ideal that we as humanity, are the most advanced species on our Earth, not as a right but as a responsibility. A responsibility to be the care takers of all life, but at the same time a responsibility to use this gift to our greatest capacity.

We are given opportunities to learn, to expand, to live for our passions, not solely for our primal instincts.
Yet many fail to experience their true capabilities.

MINUTIAE's passions are in the arts, technology, and fashion, blurring the lines between them.
Returning fashion to the art it once was, while incorporating moderns trends and hidden technological innovations.
We believe quality and timeless designs should be the key to our fashion,
and not the erratic and somewhat contrite nature of fast fashion in modern times.

Finally we are passionate about individuality; about those who dare to proudly stand out of the crowd;
not for mindless fame but for the dreams they are pursuing.

MINUTIAE revels in your individuality, whether design, engineering, IT, or the traveling circus,
so share your passions with us.

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