MINUTIAE: Travel Series.


The Details: A travel guide. MINUTIAE: the small precise details that make one unique.
Join MINUTIAE, along with The Details Blog, to experience the world from a locals perspective.
We will begin with our annual return to the Mediterranean, where we draw our inspiration for the MINUTIAE collections.
Follow us as we embark catch the final week of Oktoberfest. From the commercial/touristy Munich spectacle, as we drag ourselves to all the traditional beer houses, to the traditional, subtle affairs held in the villages of Bavaria.
We will finally end with a taste of our favourite Asian destinations, from Tokyo to Hong Kong. Commercial yes, but nothing less than awe inspiring.
Travel is more than an act of exploration, but it becomes an addiction, one has been ingrained in our being for millennia. Once we traveled as a necessity, now we have the privilege to travel for enjoyment, so grasp that opportunity selfishly with both hands. Don't wait for the fairy tale of "financial freedom" and 5-star hotels; take flight now, and construct your story.

We look forward to taking this journey together.


So if you have any suggestions, or simply would like us to explore a specific destination, contact us via hello@minutiae.com.au


MINUTIAE: the small precise details that make one unique.



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