About Us

"The small precise details that make one unique."


Australian luxury leather bags and accessories,
timeless designs incorporate details of modern trends.
Only the finest full grain European leathers,
hand crafted by artisans.


MINUTIAE revels in your individuality,
so each design is limited in number.


Fashion is the people's art,
and you are both artist and canvas.


MINUTIAE was contrived to bring calm to the fashion world.
Where simple, timeless designs are complimented with small precise details of modern trends.


MINUTIAE was established for those who demand simple unspoken elegance, who refuse to be brand billboards, but rather choose to be the canvas on which they project their individual fashion identity.


MINUTIAE is a brand that does not adhere to fast fashion trends,
but offers a magnitude of fine details,
to portray these trends on timeless designs.



From soft, supple nappas from French leather artisans,
to strong impenetrable camel leather of the Australian Outback.
Each will tell a story, giving life to the collections.


Full grain and top layer leathers,
and highest quality metal hardware,
produce hand crafted luxury leather bags and accessories.



The responsible utilisation of our natural resources,
ensuring a symbiotic relationship with the world we live in.


Fast fashion means that trends constantly change,
resulting in excessive use of leathers.


MINUTIAE believes that timeless designs,
and using the highest quality leathers,
provides a luxury leather brand whose bags and accessories
give you the piece of mind that your items are consciously made.


In the future, MINUTIAE hopes to re-establish
the leather industry in Australia.
Providing responsibly sourced leathers and goods
constructed in a nation that is synonymous with world leading quality.